Le Feu - Clever - 3 sided panoramic

The CLEVER series is a fully automatic bio fireplace of the future, which can be operated via the App, remote control, or the digital panel on the bio fireplace.

Le Feu’s automatic burners have been created with even the smallest details in mind - From automatic filling of bioethanol to the intuitive and user-friendly operation of the fireplace.

The CLEVER series raises the bar for the design and expression of the bio fireplace of the future. The burner’s round shape and the matt black Le Feu signature surface are the essence of Danish design and craftsmanship.


Our ambition to be the world’s leading biofireplace manufacturer, goes hand in hand with a desire to inspire innovation and dynamism in the interior design with real living flames - in every home.

We want our customers to experience the authentic Danish cosiness, the stylish design and natural care for the environment.

The bio fireplaces are suitable for both new construction and installation in existing properties. The installation is simple and requires no extraction or chimney.

– Every home deserves a warm heart


CLEVER - 3-sided Room Divider

With glass on three sides, this model is especially suited as a room dividing fireplace, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the fire and warmth when you move around in the room. It can also be used as an elevated wall integration.

The 3 sided Clever allows you to enjoy the fire and heat as you move around the home.

You can built this model into a full or half wall, the 3-sided model will create both air, light and coziness around it. An obvious choice to if you want to divide the living room.  If you want to be able to see the fire from all sides, and at the same time want an exclusive and decorative design solution in the home.

As low as 4.240,00 €
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